Natural Translucent Powder Is For All Skin Types

In an earlier day, makeup on a girl’s face was noticeable. Wearing a loud-colored lipstick or an obvious tone of face powder and rouge was encouraged. The beauty trend of today favors a much more natural look,
natural transluscent powder can be used by all skin types. Its chief advantage is that it allows the beauty of your own skin tone to show through. It will remove the shine on your face that you didn’t want anyway, while not adding anything but a slight sheer tone. Most girls use it as a setting powder, on top of foundation, to give their skin a matte finish before applying blush.
If you have a difficult skin tone that is hard to match, a translucent powder may be a great choice for you. What is even more exciting is that if you are organics-minded, you can make a natural translucent powder at home with only a few ingredients. An ordinary makeup brush or sponge can be used for application. Check out the recipes available online and try them out for yourself.